Sunset and the City

This summer has been amazing. Awesome weather, events everywhere, barbecues, brunch, drinks… It adds up in the end, for sure, but it’s summer! Time to lounge in a rooftop, celebrate life with your friends, have breakfast in a balcony…

And watch a sunset like the one in the photo… I shared this gorgeous view with a dear friend of mine, who always makes me laugh so hard I go home with my face hurting! She was kind enough to invite me for dinner at her apartment and I had to register this stunning sundown, the perfect view after a day at work.

I am trying to tame my appetite during summer, but I often surrender to grilled burgers and hotdogs, and a nice dinner outdoors. This week I will do my best to keep it clean! I made myself this amazing kale salad for lunch, and stocked up on fruits and hope!  😛  I can’t even say that during Fall I will be better, because Fall is my favorite season, with all my favorite foods ever! But one day at a time, we are still savoring summer… I’m not ready to give up my grilled corn on the cob yet!

What is your favorite summer food?


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